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Cult Clash, in its current form, is a 4-player shotgun shootout in a graveyard!

Made for PIGSquad's June 2018 Summer Slow Jam where the themes were Minigames and The World Is Alive, Cult Clash is notably not yet really a minigame, nor is it very alive. We  focused on getting great assets in and polishing up a decent central experience on which we intend to build--the resulting gameplay will include minigames played "on-top of" a 4p deathmatch game.

Stay tuned for more updates later this summer...and in the meantime, just enjoy blasting your friends with salt.

Art by Steven Hancher @stevenhancher

Code by Brendan McCracken @icynotesdx

Music by Ben Roberts


CultClash.exe 33 MB

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